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A note from the Web designer:
The work of Joy Finzi first came to my notice when visiting my cousin. At that time her friend, Jean McCulloch, was putting the affairs of her recently deceased Aunt "M" (Maisie Barnwell, affectionately known as "Barney") in order. Knowing my interest in art, Jean showed me one item that had been kindly supplied by Hilary Finzi - the one and only book published of Joy's art, entitled In That Place. Immediately I was entranced.

Richard Eurich
In essence this site would never have been created without the insistence of another artist, Richard Eurich, R.A., O.B.E., who encouraged Joy to publish her work, and thereby hangs a tale: if Richard had never persuaded Joy, I would never have seen 'In That Place' and be totally ignorant of all the wonder and beauty of Joy's work. This Web site, of course, would then have never existed. It is therefore fitting that Joy chose the very last drawing for the book to be that of Richard Eurich.

But Joy's talents went far beyond art; she was also talented at sculpture, poetry (a published author), music, and even dressmaking. Her talents were, seemingly, limitless!

But my own intentions for publishing this site is purely down to to the lack of information about Joy Finzi that previously existed on the Web. On searching for details of her drawings, I could only find one of her husband, the composer Gerald Finzi, yet the book included 52 alone.

In publishing this site it will hopefully redress this situation and elevate her stature from being relatively unknown to something more befitting her talents. Hopefully, students of her work will emerge and raise awareness of this talented woman's works.

Nigel Finzi
Finally, this Web site would look remarkably sparse without the permission of Nigel Finzi. As copyright holder Nigel has kindly granted permission for the publication of all drawings, extracts of poetry, photographs and other material related to his mother.

David P.Encill, July 2002.

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